“Thanks a lot for evaluating my speaking. I incorporated your speaking style in my speech and your suggestions for improving my vocabulary helped me a lot! I got my result today. It’s 110. I got 28 in speaking. Thanks so much! “


Aditi Pandey needed to get 26 on TOEFL Speaking in order to apply to dental schools. She signed up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation with our tutor and evaluator Jamie Tanzman. 3 days later, Adity took the TOEFL for the second time, and got 28 on TOEFL Speaking!

Wow! That´s an impressive result!

“I scored 110 in my second attempt of TOEFL in less than a month’s time.

My earlier score was 101 and I needed 26+ in Speaking. Having followed the YouTube videos by TOEFL Speaking Teacher, I realized this time I needed to play my cards strong.

In my discussion with Jamie, she helped me figure out where my loop holes were and how best I could improve my score just 3 days before my exam!

All her suggestions proved extremely beneficial and helped me take the exam with an open mind. Thanks so much! “


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