“I just wanted to thank you for your tips on the TOEFL speaking section. I just got my score: 28 in the speaking and 101 as an overall score! I am extremely happy! Thank you again for everything!”


Andrea Pompili needed to take the TOEFL in order to apply for a Master’s program in the USA. She contacted the TST in September 2018 and signed up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation and Essay Evaluation. Getting professional feedback from our TOEFL Speaking tutor Jamie Tanzman and our head tutor Josh MacPherson has been really useful! Andrea got 28 on TOEFL Speaking and 26 on TOEFL Writing at her first attempt!

Here is Andrea’s feedback:

  • What was your past TOEFL experience?

I never took TOEFL before

  • What were the classes at TST like?

I didn’t really know how to evaluate myself on the speaking and writing section, therefore your help on those sections has been very important for me. I felt a lot more comfortable after have taken a 30 minutes speaking section with Jamie and a 2 written essays check with Josh

  • How did your teacher help you get your score?

They both made me understand my weakness and my strengths

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