“I managed to get 30 on Speaking! Your evaluation conducted by Jamie Tanzman and valuable lessons with Ellen Campbell have successfully elevated me to that speaking level. I am sincerely beholden to your teachers. Thank you!”

Anton Zadora, PhD applicant from Russia

Anton contacted the TST in October 2017. He needed to take the TOEFL for his Ph.D. application. It was his first TOEFL attempt and he aimed to get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking.

First, Anton signed up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation with Jamie Tanzman and then enrolled in private lessons with our TOEFL Speaking tutor Ellen Campbell.

On November 12, 2017 Ellen got a message from Anton:

“Dear Ellen.
I am Anton (from Moscow), I was your student in October, we had 3 TOEFL Speaking lessons. So, today I noticed that my scores are already available. So, I am writing you to let you know that your help has successfully born fruit – I have managed to get 30 on the Speaking! Thank you very much, this result is truly incredible.”
Wow! That’s an amazing result!
Anton already had excellent language skills, so getting used to the test format really helped him to shine.
He got a score of 30 on TOEFL Speaking on his first attempt and just after a 30-minute evaluation and few private lessons!!!

Also, Anton posted his feedback in our FB group:

Congratulations, Anton! All the best with your future endeavours!



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