“Thank you so much Ellen. It is a given fact that we really need to work extra hard in order to have a score of 26. I can say that my TOEFL experience helped me a lot to develop perseverance and self discipline. It is very important to practice every chance you get in order to sound natural. Also, I would highly recommend hiring a tutor in order to create a sense of feedback, which is hard to acknowledge if you are working by yourself ( atleast in my case). And having you as my tutor helped me to have 28 score in speaking.”


As a foreign-educated physical therapy professional, Archie needed to pass the TOEFL to renew his certificate.

Although Archie lived in the USA, he realised that he still needed professional feedback and help. To make sure he´ll get the desired score,  he contacted the TOEFL Speaking Teacher team in February 2017.

First, he signed up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation.  Then, enrolled in private lessons with our TOEFL instructor Ellen Cambell.

When Archie took the test again, he got 28 on TOEFL Speaking! That´s even more than he needed! Great job!!

When we asked Archi to give some details about his story, here is what he said:

“When I first took my TOEFL five years ago, I made it on my first attempt for the speaking part.

However, my health care worker certificate expired and I needed to take TOEFL again as part of the renewal process.

Even though I live here in the US for more than 2 years, it took me couple of attempts before I passed the exam.

It was very frustrating experience on my end and I realized TOEFL had changed since the last time I took it.

That was the time I decided that getting a tutor would be a good idea.

Ellen helped me to realize my weaknesses and develope ways in order to improve them.

She’s very good at providing feedback without getting offended.

I highly recommend TOEFL Speaking Teacher team for those who are having difficulty in taking TOEFL exam.



Great job, Archie!  We are so excited that you got such a fantastic speaking score!!

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