“Skyping with Paul helped so much! Paul helped me getting in the right mindset, gave me confidence and motivation! “


Celine has a Master Degree in Education and has been teaching English as a 2nd language for 12 years in Germany. She moved to Texas and in order to receive her Texas Teaching Certification she needed to score 26 on TOEFL Speaking.

Before taking the TOEFL for the first time, she decided to get a professional feedback and signed up for the TOEFL Speaking Evaluation with Paul.

Celine followed Paul´s advice, and when she took the TOEFL in December 2016 for the first time, she got 28 on TOEFL speaking!!!

Here is the message we got:

TOEFL students! If you have never taken TOEFL before, we recommend first signing up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation, where you get customized and personalized feedback from our head instructor Paul, in a 1-on-1 meeting over Skype.

For more details on the TOEFL Speaking Evaluation – and to meet with Paul 1-on-1 – please go here.

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