“Paul´s coaching method is very efficient and helped me to raise my TOEFL score from 23 to 26 within one month and just four sessions.”


In June 2016, Daniel from Switzerland contacted the TOEFL Speaking teacher team, requesting help for his upcoming TOEFL exam. He had around 4 weeks to prepare for the TOEFL Speaking section, and needed to improve his score at least 3 points (from 23 to 26). Our team worked with him for the 4 weeks – coaching him to dramatically improve his speaking skills. Daniel followed all of our directions and did all the homework as assigned.

In July, our team received this message:

We responded with ‘Congratulations!’ then asked Daniel to provide a testimonial as to why our team helped him earn a higher TOEFL Speaking score.

Here is what he said:

Congratulations, Daniel! And best of luck going forward.

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