Ellen Campbell

Would you like to take TOEFL Private lessons with Ellen?

If you book 6 private lessons, the cost is 60 USD per hour. However, if you purchase a package of 10 lessons, the cost is 55 USD per hour, and if you purchase a package of 14 lessons, the cost is 50 USD per hour.

You can purchase lessons with Ellen by clicking the link below:

TOEFL Speaking Private Lessons


Ellen is an experienced TOEFL Instructor who is excited to help you reach your goal score on TOEFL and TOEFL Speaking!

She was born in the US, and has lived most of her life in Canada.  After studying & working as a social worker, she began teaching ESL and English as an Additional Language 8 years ago.  SheI taught in H Chí Minh City, Vit Nam and she now teaches in Canada to students from many different countries. 

Ellen has helped many students prepare for the TOEFL exam, as well as other high-stakes language exams (like the IELTS and TOEIC). She has also administered the test itself, so she is very familiar with the TOEFL test environment. 

Ellen loves helping students to improve their fluency and confidence in English, particularly with using new vocabulary, including idioms, phrases, and expressions.  With your motivation, TST’s excellent resources, and her TOEFL experience and teaching enthusiasm, she will help you reach your goal score for the TOEFL Speaking section (like 26+!)

Ellen has also completed our ‘How to Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking’ teacher’s training, so she uses the same methodologies that have helped many of our students earn 26+ on TOEFL Speaking.


Client Testimonials for Ellen Campbell

Even if I only used one session of the private tutorial with Ellen, I aced the speaking and got a 27. More than the score I was hoping for. With this, I will be able to renew my certification as a healthcare worker and continue working as a PT here in the US.

Ms. Ellen has made me talk like I was just telling her personal stories when I was already answering from a pool of sample questions. That made a lot of difference in changing the way I prepare for the independent speaking task as I completely stopped using templates which made me sound more natural.

Janice Albores, physical therapist

March 2017

Thank you so much, Ellen. It is a given fact that we really need to work extra hard in order to have a score of 26.
I can say that my TOEFL experience helped me a lot to develop perseverance and self-discipline. It is very important to practice every chance you get in order to sound natural.
Also, I would highly recommend hiring a tutor in order to create a sense of feedback, which is hard to acknowledge if you are working by yourself (at least in my case). And having you as my tutor helped me to have 28 score in speaking.
Archie Balaoy, physical therapist

April 2017

I got 26!!! Thank you so much for your help. Your recomendations worked very well. I felt really confident during the test and It was all thanks to you!!!
During the first session, you identified my weakness and taught me how to improve it. The other two sessions were very important for me. You encouraged me to practice the questions 4 and 6 and it gave me the confidence to get 26. Just three sessions were enough to help me to move from 24 to 26.
Thanks again!!!!
Raquel Villalba, bilingual teacher

July 2017

Thank you so so so much for your help! I got 109 points with 26 points on speaking section 🙂
The most helpful part of the lessons was when you explained to me the essence of each question. I found it particularly useful on the exam day since I knew exactly what the examiners expected from me.
Alisa Shaposhnikova

September 2017

 I have managed to get 30 on the Speaking! Thank you very much, this result is truly incredible.
Anton Zadora, PhD applicant from Russia

November 2017

“Thank you very much, I cannot believe that I finally got the TOEFL score that I need. I took the test 15 times before I registered for TOEFL Speaking Teacher lessons. This course was recommended for me by a friend of mine who also struggled with TOEFL speaking section, and he told me “you should try this course, Basma, I passed the Speaking section because of it”. I took the 6 hours package with Ms.Campbell and she was an awesome teacher, big thanks to her. I took TOEFL after that, and I got 26.”

Basma Alnabhan, pharmacist

August 2018