English Fluency Classes

The focus of these 1-on-1 lessons is to help students develop stronger conversational fluency. Many students who are interested in getting high scores on TOEFL Speaking do not have the necessary English speaking ability to get their goal score. Before learning TOEFL strategies and methodologies, these students must focus on speaking better English first. In our English Fluency classes, you will learn how to…

  • Think faster in English (and translate much less)
  •  Speak with more confidence
  • Continue to improve your grammar, pace of speech, and overall speaking ability

Jamie Tanzman

 We are super excited to have Jamie on our team at TOEFL Speaking Teacher! She is an experienced instructor who understands the challenges students face when developing their English Fluency. We envision a successful future with Jamie as part of our team – and highly recommend you register for a package of lessons with her today!

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English Fluency tutors?

Please note: our tutors Jamie and Vee only teach English Fluency Classes and do NOT handle TOEFL Speaking Lessons.

The English Fluency Classes do not focus on teaching you TOEFL-related skills (like note-taking, timing, organization, etc.)
Instead, these classes are focused on improving your conversational English skills, help you become a fluent and confident English speaker.

Vee Sarrosa

Vee joins our team from the country of the Philippines. A published author and experienced teacher, Vee provides balance to our team as she can handle lesson times our other instructors cannot teach. She is patient with her students, and loves to see them succeed! Sign up for your first lesson with Vee today!

If you want to get professional help, we recommend first signing up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation