“I’ve been struggling with this test for 13 times. Finally, I got the famous 29. Paul is helpful! truly helpful! NEVER GIVE UP GUYS!!!!! NEVER!!!! He gave me some tips that nobody had ever given to me!”


Enrico contacted the TOEFL Speaking Teacher team in July 2016. He needed help – desperately.

Enrico needed 26 on TOEFL Speaking to become a licensed pharmacist in the United States. He had already taken TOEFL 13 times (and spent over $2500 on test fees!) before contacting our team for help.

Enrico registered for private lessons (investing $500 in lessons) and, in just one month, improved from a score of 23 on TOEFL Speaking to 29 on TOEFL Speaking

Wow! What a transformation!

Here is the message Enrico sent our head instructor, Paul Austin, immediately after he got his scores back from ETS:

Enrico also wrote about his experience with us on the public ‘TOEFL Speaking 26′ Facebook Group :

Great job, Enrico! It was a pleasure to help you!

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