“Thanks a lot for the skype session we had a few weeks ago. It was really helpful. I scored 27 on the speaking session and I would like to thank you for boosting my score. Your evaluation, youtube videos, and google drive documents really helped a lot. I scored R28 L25 L27 W26 with a total of 106; way above my goal score. Thanks a lot, Paul! I have recommended you to some of my friends who are taking the TOEFL as well. Thank you, Paul, for everything!


Eric, like many other students, signed up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation. However, unlike other students, he signed up for it just a few days prior to his TOEFL test.

During the evaluation, Paul gave Eric a few pieces of advice. Eric took these pieces of advice and applied them in his TOEFL test a few days later.

Before meeting with Paul, Eric had earned 23 on TOEFL Speaking a couple times. However, after meeting with Paul for an evaluation, Eric sat for the TOEFL and earned 27 on TOEFL Speaking!


Here is what Eric said:

Congratulations, Eric!

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