“Surprisingly I got high enough score. My speaking has been my lowest score but now it’s my best! Thank you for everything you have done for me.  Now I will study for nursing.”

Eri Rissman

Eri Rissman needed to take the TOEFL in order to become an RN in the U.S. She contacted the TST in November 2018 and signed up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation first. Then, she enrolled in TOEFL Speaking Private Classes. Here is what Eri’s tutor Jamie Tanzman said:

“I met Eri for an evaluation where she expressed frustration having earned 23 in speaking.  I identified her weak areas.  She decided to buy private lessons to address these.  We worked, meeting about one time per week, and then Eri scheduled an exam.  Sure enough, she earned 28 right after our lessons.  I’m glad that my advice helped her achieve her goal and now she can pursue a career as a nurse”.

And here is Eri’s feedback:

“The evaluation and the private lessons helped me identify my weaknesses in speaking. I could use my study time efficiently working on improving these areas. Now speaking is my strongest section in TOEFL.

Thank you,

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