Jamie Tanzman
Jamie specializes in helping students develop their TOEFL Speaking skills. Jamie also teaches some of our TOEFL Speaking Group Classes.

Jamie will help you significantly in getting a higher score on TOEFL Speaking.

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Hello! My name is Jamie Tanzman and I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Maryland with a BA in Spanish Education and then pursued my master’s degree in Teaching Speakers of Other Languages. I have over 15 years of teaching experience. Most recently, I served as the Director of the American English Language Program at Northern Kentucky University, where I taught classes in grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking and TOEFL/IELTS preparation. I am experienced in preparing students for academic degrees, exams, and conversational English. I am passionate about working with international people and helping them reach their goals.

Client Testimonials for Jamie

‘I’m a pharmacist from Turkey. I passed my equivalency exam last year in July. I was confident about my English skills but I was stuck with 24 from speaking since the first time that I took the Toefl. I thought that I was so close that I could handle it by myself so I tried 3 times without any improvement in speaking. Realizing that I was missing something crucial, I decided to take private classes from Jamie Tanzman. I took 10 private classes from Jamie and she was absolutely amazing. My speaking exam was not perfect, but I have learned I lot to deal with probable sticky situations and it all worked out great, I got 27! I really appreciate her efforts and guidance. I would recommend everyone to get professional help just not to waste any time. I am a hundred percent sure that if I took these classes before I would have saved so much time’ 

Esra Yaz, pharmacist

August 2019

I did the exam two times and I had 26 and 28 in speaking for each exam. Thanks so much. God bless you greatly. You made life so easy for me! Bode Aremu, physical therapist

Attended TOEFL Speaking Group Classes with Jamie, June-July 2017

I am a teacher and I needed to get a 26 on TOEFL Speaking to get my certification. Working on a busy schedule I didn´t have much time to get things done.

Then I got Jamie Tanzman as my tutor and she was really helpful to me. We had a week only and I am thrilled to say… we made it! With work and a lot of practice on my own, I was able to make a 27 and reach the score I needed.

There were moments when I did not know if I was going to make it, but right off the bat, Jamie infused me with positive vibe and confidence. I was very lucky to have her help throughout the process.

Thank you, Jamie!!

Ana Garcia, Spanish teacher

August 2017

I am a physical therapist from India, I was struggling with TOEFL for so long.  When I contacted Jamie, I really liked her coaching, particularly the approach and she is a wonderful person and very sharp to know the weaknesses and she targeted directly those points and after 2 personal classes and lots of practice, I could conquer my speaking exam. It was my 5th attempt. Thank you. Narumi Shah, physical therapist from India

November 2017

” After my first failed attempt, I decided to trust these nice and helpful professionals. I was running against time and I took private classes with Jamie. She was amazing , she taught me tips and structures but most of all, giving me confidence in what I was doing. She is an expert and it was the best decision I could ever made to pass this test” Sara Fariñas Mateos, Spanish teacher in Texas

May 2018

“I got recommended Jamie to practice with her for my TOEFL exam. Being successful in the TOEFL
meant lots to me as it has been decisive for my future studies.

My goal was 26 points for the speaking section – the one I was most afraid of. Jamie provided me with
so many useful tips and helped me to identify exactly those weaknesses that I couldn’t perceive
myself. In the end, I got 28 points!!” Jasmin

May 2018

“I got perfect TOEFL scores in the Reading, Listening and Writing sections. Unfortunately, I only managed to get 23 in the Speaking part, and I needed at least 26. Answering multiple-choice questions was easy for me, but speaking to the mic made me self-conscious and nervous. I was apprehensive at first on actually paying for help for this one section (after all, I did get a perfect score in all other sections!), but I decided to go for it and it was well worth it! Jamie from TST Prep went over the Speaking section with me, showed me how I could improve and in just 30 minutes I got so many helpful tips and general advice, I knew I could do it. I got 27 on my next exam, following Jamie’s guidelines and I’m just so happy!”


August 2019

Just checked my score: Total is 102 with speaking 26. Thank you for your help! 
Jamie is very knowledgeable and knows how to lead a student to improve spoken English. I am really glad I have worked with her.
The only regret that I did not use your service earlier, so I could get the desired TOEFL score last year.
Yelyzaveta Sokolov

July 2017

Hi Jamie,

Thank you so much for helping me preparing for TOEFL speaking test from June to October 2016.

I really enjoyed taking the private lessons with you. You are one of the most excellent TOEFL speaking teacher I have ever had. You were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, positive, patience and a caring teacher.

As an experienced ESL teacher, there is no doubt you know what you are talking about, and you know what your students need. You always prepared for the lessons and looked for more useful resources to improve my weak points.

Your enthusiasm and positive attitude made the lessons fun and relaxed but also encouraging. I felt that at the last lesson, I have improved so much in pronunciation, vocabulary use, and my speaking speed.

So thank you so much. Siripan Boughton

Laredo, TX, USA (Originally from Bangkok, Thailand)

The group lessons with Jamie were just what I needed to get the score I needed to become a teacher in Texas.  Jamie definitely helped me to identify my major weaknesses and gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my score. I highly recommend working with Jamie, she is a great TOEFL teacher. Sandra Rutter, Texas teacher

TOEFL Speaking Group Classes, July 2017

“I am extremely happy to say that I got 27 in my speaking section.
I had lost hopes before taking your lessons, as I had already attempted five times but couldn’t get the required score. Later, I reappeared for the exam on may 5. I only focused on the techniques taught by you. I am glad that I took your lessons. It is really the happiest achievement for me as this is the stepping stone for my field of dreams.
I heartily thank you and for your kind and patient support. I would be glad to help you or anyone anytime if I can.”
Madalsa Somaya

May 2018

“For most people, including me, it´s really difficult to assess their own Speaking Skills, because they don’t have the needed objectivity and experience. That’s why I would recommend anybody who is trying to find out how good his performance at the Speaking Section is or anybody who is trying to find out how to improve to do so with the Speaking Evaluation.” Frederic Joergensen

August 2018

“Scheduling the private classes was easy since there was availability almost every hour of the day. Thankfully I managed to schedule all of them with Jamie because I wanted to have consistency on my learning path and sticking to one teacher seemed the right choice. We only had 4 classes due to me being on a heavy work schedule all month but there was plenty of good advice and clear pointers on how should I approach each question. I really felt I made a lot of progress with her.
When I saw I scored 23 (7 points more!) I couldn’t believe it. Jamie absolutely nailed it and I’m still amazed by how much we managed to improve in such a short time. I will forever recommend TOEFL Speaking Teacher to anyone looking to prepare for the TOEFL test, regardless of their English level.”
Juan Carlos Flores, animator

April 2019

My goal was to exceed 100 including to earn 23 in a speaking section and I thought it would not be difficult to get the score if I put forth a lot of effort. However, while I took TOEFL tests ten times, I lost my confidence and had no clue how to study, especially a speaking section.

When I had the 1st class with Jamie she advised me to speak with more enthusiasm and emotion because my English sounded like a robot. It was not easy to fix my problem and I did not expect I could achieve my goal in a short time.

But after taking 6 hours of private lessons with Jamie I was able to accomplish my goal. I think the new way Jamie taught me made the difference and realized that studying in an appropriate way was extremely important. I really appreciate Jamie’s help and her kindness during the classes.

Thank you so much, Jamie!

Kyunghyun KIm, architect from Korea

August 2017

Study abroad is a wonderful thing specially in the United States of America. It is not easy road, but with insistence and determination you can do whatever you want and no matter how long it will take.

I will not forget some people who helped, supported and encouraged me while I was there. Jamie was one of them.

She helped me a lot during my journey in English school. She knows exactly how to delver the information. She was sincere in her work. She helped all students equally not only for teaching English Professionally, but also with University admission. I really can’t describe my feeling towards her. I highly recommend this teacher because she possesses the character of a successful teacher. Mohammed Aljahani

Saudi Arabia Dammam City

After taking TOEFL twice, I was stuck at 24 on speaking, although I had watched a lot of videos on the internet which didn’t help me. I was lucky I watched Jamie’s videos and right away I noticed that her style is different, and that’s why I decided to do the speaking evaluation with her. Jamie was able to determine my weaknesses and helped me improve my speaking skills. With only a few private lessons and within one month, I got the score i needed to get my license as a pharmacist. My advice to you: Don’t waste your time, money, and effort trying to figure out how to get your desired score in TOEFL. Let the experts do that for you, and by that I mean Jamie. Thank you, Jamie. Your help will never be forgotten. Hamza Darwiche, pharmacist

October 2017

“I am an undergraduate student from Sri Lanka. I found the TOEFL SPEAKING TEACHER website by accident when I was searching for some podcasts. But after going through all the success stories I thought it would be really nice if I could take some private lessons with TOEFL SPEAKING TEACHER as I was feeling really scared and nervous, even when thinking about the TOEFL speaking section and I had only 2 weeks left for my TOEFL exam.

So first, I signed up for a speaking evaluation and then took 6 private lessons with Jamie. I really enjoyed the private lessons with Jamie. In those lessons, Jamie taught me how to use gerunds, adverbs, idioms and intonation patterns to sound more like a native speaker and she helped me in every possible way to improve my TOEFL speaking skills. As a result, I got 27 on TOEFL speaking in my first attempt. I have no words to express my gratitude. I greatly appreciate Jamie’s kind support because without her I would not have obtained such a good score!”
Isuri Dammulla, student from Sri Lanka

May 2018