¨I focused on my weaknesses that Paul mentioned. Finally, I got 26 in speaking and 24 in writing. Now I can sit for Physical Therapy License Exam.¨


Janki needed to score 26 on TOEFL Speaking in order to apply for Physical Therapy Exam. She gave the TOEFL exam 3 times but every time got 22 in writing and 24 in speaking.

Janki attended our September FREE Webinar and then, in October 2016 she contacted TOEFL Speaking Teacher asking for professional help.

First, she met with Paul for the TOEFL Speaking Evaluation and then signed up for TOEFL Speaking Group lessons.

Janki was one of the hardest workers in our TOEFL Speaking Group Classes. She was disciplined and motivated to do everything possible to achieve her goal score – and she did it!

When Janki took the TOEFL again and got 26 ( !!!) on TOEFL Speaking, she shared her experience in our premium group and even gave a piece of advice to other TOEFL students:

If you’re looking for a magic solution to your TOEFL Speaking problem, then our group lessons might not be a great option for you. However, if you want to follow the correct methodologies, and do your best to improve, then we highly recommend getting more details about TOEFL Speaking Group lessons.

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