“I wanted to let you know that the scores from the test arrived. They are awesome! I got 23 on the speaking section which is absolutely incredible! I wanted to thank you since now everything is on track again to get going with my studies”

Juan Carlos Flores
Animator / Motion Designer

Juanca was really discouraged after taking the TOEFL and earning only 16 in speaking.  However, in the TOEFL Speaking Evaluation, our tutor and evaluator Jamie Tanzman identified some key areas need for improvement.  Juanca then enrolled in some private lessons with Jamie and on his next attempt he increased in the speaking score by 7 points and is now able to proceed with his graduate studies.  Dreams do come true!
Here´s what Juanca said about his TOEFL experience:
“I took a preparation course with an English Institute locally to prepare myself for the TOEFL test. I was afraid about the speaking section since it was my weakest point but I felt very confident for the test. However, I only managed to get 16 on my first try which was a bit shocking since I didn’t feel I did such a bad job at it and worse, I had no idea on how to improve my score. It was clear that I needed to prepare myself somewhere else since I only had one month to get the scores I needed (min 20 points). Then I found the TOEFL Speaking Teacher, looked at all the info and plenty of videos they had around and I felt they had all the knowledge and expertice to guide me.
Scheduling the private classes was easy since there was availability almost every hour of the day. Thankfully I managed to schedule all of them with Jamie because I wanted to have consistency on my learning path and sticking to one teacher seemed the right choice. We only had 4 classes due to me being on a heavy work schedule all month but there was plenty of good advice and clear pointers on how should I approach each question. I really felt I made a lot of progress with her.
Honestly, during the test I did one of them terribly wrong and that had me nervous but when I saw I scored 23 (7 points more!) I couldn’t believe it. I could have got and even higher score which is crazy. Jamie absolutely nailed it and I’m still amazed by how much we managed to improve in such short time. I will forever recommend TOEFL Speaking Teacher to anyone looking to prepare for the TOEFL test, regardless of their english level.
I also attached the scores of both test.
Again, thank you!”

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