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Would you like to take TOEFL Private lessons with Katie?

If you book 6 private lessons, the cost is 60 USD per hour. However, if you purchase a package of 10 lessons, the cost is 55 USD per hour, and if you purchase a package of 14 lessons, the cost is 50 USD per hour.

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Katie has taught English for over 5 years now, focusing on adults learning English to live and work in an English-speaking country.  She also has experience preparing students to take tests like the IELTS for further graduate study.

Currently, she teaches English in Colombia: Both business English and conversation classes.

Her students appreciate her clear pronunciation and patient style of teaching. She strives to help students be as confident as possible in English, especially in high-pressure situations. For each student, she analyzes weaknesses, then creates customized plans to help them achieve their desired result (like 26+ on TOEFL Speaking!).

Katie has also completed our ‘How to Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking’ teachers’ training, so she is super prepared to help you reach 26+ on TOEFL Speaking!

Client Testimonials

“With all these practice and strategies from Katie, I was very confident before my exam and I aced it by getting 26 in my 4th attempt. I would definitely recommend Katie if you are struggling to get 26 or 27 on speaking section of TOEFL”.

Rupal Panchal, physical therapist

April 2019

“I’m a foreign Medical Laboratory Scientist. I needed to get 26 in My TOEFL speaking section in order to suscessfully complete my visa screen for immigration purposes. I signed up for TOEFL speaking teacher after a failed attempt to get 26.
Katie Reaburn was a great teacher and she was able to point of all my flaws. After 6 classes with her, I wrote the TOEFL and I got my desired score (26).

Thanks, TST team.
Thanks, Katie. You saved my career.”

Chioma Oke

July 2019

I made the right choice of enrolling in TST program. I’ve been taking TOEFL IBT for the nth time, and my speaking score stays from 22 to 24. I needed to get 26 to become a nurse in AK. I saw TST on Facebook and hurriedly enroll on their speaking course and hire Katie as my private tutor. TST success stories were one of the reasons why I enrolled in their program. Katie and I did 6 private lessons every Friday at 5:00 AM AKST. She helped me build my confidence and taught me the best techniques on how to crack this type of exam. Finally, when I checked my speaking score on March 11th, I was surprised that I got 26 out of 30 for the first time. WOW! Thank you so much, TST team and Katie, my teacher.

Llanie Florence Tonio, nurse

March 2017

Choosing Katie as my tutor was the best decision ever! We worked together for two weeks with a very specific task in every lesson. She wanted to help me improve my confidence and intonation to sound more natural during the test and get the desired 26. Katie is very patient and kind, she makes her lessons so easy to follow, she’s really sweet and made me feel confident and positive from the very beginning. I had always the feeling that I could score 30!! I highly recommend her as a tutor for TOEFL Speaking. She’s the best! Thank you, Katie!

Laura Martin, teacher in Texas

April 2017

@Best teacher ever! When I failed the first time with only 20 I knew I’d need some help to get 24. We worked hard during almost two weeks and was fascinating to discover a 25 in my second score [email protected]

Jaisy Izquierdo

July 2019

It was the first time I was passing TOEFL and had no idea of what was expected but needed at least 100. The classes were helpful thanks to the teacher who had a very well thought agenda and was patient and supportive. Katie was very available for any problem regarding TOEFL and gave me confidence for the test. Katie is an excellent teacher, I would recommend her to anyone.

Sophie Lavaud

TOEFL Speaking Group Classes, January 2019

It took quite some time, but I didn’t lose hope, and I just kept applying “the power of yet” in my mindset until finally, I have reached my goal. I have gotten 27 in my speaking. Katie, thank you so much for your endless encouragement and help. I’m glad that you were part of this journey. Finally, I slayed the beast.

My Endless gratitude to Katie, Paul Austin, and the whole TOEFL Speaking Teacher team.

Jeremiah Tactay, pharmacist

March 2017

I want to be a teacher in Texas, so I needed 26 or more in TOEFL Speaking section in order to continue my certification. I would like to say that Katie is amazing; I accomplished my goal after 6 classes with her!  It was my third time that I took this exam, and I was feeling really down. However,  Katie was so patient with me and gave me the confidence that I needed! I totally recommend this course to anyone that needs to get a high score in Speaking section. I completely trust and recommend Katie and the team of TST. Alejandra Galvan, teacher in Texas

November 2016

This was my 4th try and I was stuck in 24. I knew that I had to do something different to get a different result so I enrolled in the group lessons. Katie helped me to identify my weakness and gave me the tools to improve, we worked on one aspect at a time and I’m very thankful because thanks to her advice  I finally achieved my goal. Anakaren, teacher from Mexico

April 2017

“Katie helped me a lot in improving and polishing my English speaking. Her tips and tricks in tackling each set made my score skyrocket from 21 to 26 within just a week and a half before my exam!”

Karina Cunanan, pharmacist

February 2019

Katie is an awesome TOEFL Speaking Teacher! I didn’t know how to improve my score from 23 to 26 and with only 3 hours of lessons she managed to help me bump it up to 29!!! Worth every penny, I highly recommend it even to those who think “they got it”. I thought I would get a 26 the 1st time because I’ve lived in the US for close to 20 years and I live with native speakers at home but I didn’t. So my advice is to enroll in a class and let the experts help you pass the 1st time.


Waltz R., physical therapist

January 2017

I finally did the TOEFL the last April 1, and I got 26 in my speaking! I passed! And 88 in the total! Thanks so much for all the help, Miss Katie was an excellent teacher, the best!!! and the fact that she was learning Spanish made me feel that she totally understood what my struggling was. I am so happy! I can take my NCLEX now. You are the best in this, at first I was kind of sceptical, but you really now how to help people to succeed in this. Thankssssss ! God bless you! Laura Diaz, Nurse in Arkansas

April 2017

I just got my Toefl speaking score and I scored 29.I am so thankful to Katie for helping me to get through and all my classmates who were patient listening to my responses :P. We really had a good time during those classes.Thank you, Katie:) Pamela Thirrukotla, physical therapist

Attended TOEFL Speaking Group Classes in October, 2017

I got the required score for my Pharmacist intern license.
I got
Listening 26
Reading 26
Speaking 26
Writing 28

Thank you, Katie, so much for your help and thank you all.
Wishing you all the best.

Ramy Barsoum, pharmacist

TOEFL Speaking Group Classes in October 2017