” Katie helped me build my confidence and taught me the best techniques on how to crack this type of exam. “

Llanie Florence Tonio

Llanie needed to pass the TOEFL to work as a nurse in Alaska. She has taken the TOEFL 9 times and always failed to get the required score.

This time she was really determined to get her goal score!!! To ensure she will finally make it, she contacted the TOEFL Speaking Teacher team and tried as many TST services as she could!

Like many our students, Llanie signed up for a TOEFL Speaking Evaluation to identify the exact weaknesses preventing her from getting 26 on TOEFL Speaking.

Then, she enrolled in our ´Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking´ self-study course and worked really hard on improving her TOEFL Speaking skills.

Finally, she purchased a package of private lessons with our tutor Katie Reaburn. All the job Llanie did with the help of all TOEFL Speaking Teacher team helped her finally get 26 on TOEFL Speaking section.

She was so happy to get 26 on TOEFL Speaking! Take a look at the message:

When we asked Llanie to give some details about her story, here is what she said:

‘I made the right choice of enrolling in TST program. I’ve been taking TOEFL IBT for the nth time and my speaking score stays from 22 to 24. I needed to get 26 to become a nurse in AK. I saw TST on facebook and hurriedly enroll on their speaking course and hire Katie as my private tutor. TST success stories were one of the reasons why I enrolled in their program. Katie and I did 6 private lessons every Friday at 5:00 AM AKST. She helped me build my confidence and taught me the best techniques on how to crack this type of exam. Finally, when I checked my speaking score on March 11th, I was surprised that I got 26 out of 30 for the first time. WOW! Thank you so much, TST team and Katie, my teacher.’



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