“After trying most of the TOEFL teachers online, and not being successful, I totally have reasons to recommend Paul¨


Maria is another teacher from Texas who needed to get 26 on TOEFL Speaking. She took the TOEFL 12 times.

Although her English level was good, she still couldn´t get the required score. Some important part of her preparation was missing, and she couldn´t perform well on TOEFL Speaking.

After trying most of the TOEFL teachers online, spending thousands of dollars, and not being successful, she was really desperate.

Maria attended our live Webinar and signed up for TOEFL Speaking Group lessons but unfortunately she couldn´t attend the classes as she had a time conflict.

Paul suggested her doing two 1-on-1 sessions where they focused exclusively on mindset and confidence. Paul gave Maria his best advice on what she needed to do to go into the TOEFL test and speak with confidence and ability.

After meeting with PauI, Maria took the TOEFL and got 26!!!!!!

So, it was the lack of confidence that was preventing her from getting 26! And she learned from Paul some very specific things on how to improve her confidence as much as possible.

Here is the message she sent us:

TOEFL Speaking students! If you want to know the weaknesses preventing you from getting 26+ on TOEFL speaking, we recommend signing up for TOEFL Speaking Evaluation with Paul.

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