eBook: TOEFL Speaking Success

TOEFL Speaking Success is your complete guide to the TOEFL Speaking section.

This book is perfect for teachers looking for clarity and content to help students prepare for the exam.

Once you have a look inside, you will see that this book is different. It’s designed not just for teachers, but for students as well, in a colorful, easy-to-follow format that will tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Do you still have questions about the TOEFL Speaking?

This book has all the answers. Gain clarity now!

TOEFL Speaking Success
All you need to know

This book includes:

  1. 3x Sample TOEFL Speaking questions
  2. perfect example responses
  3. classroom activities for teachers
  4. response templates for students
  5. over 200 pages of in-depth advice
  6. step-by-step instructions for each question type
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