“I’ve received my TOEFL score and I got 26 in the speaking section after struggling for 2 years as I took this test 6 times; but I was stuck at 24, I totally recommend Jamie Tanzman as an experienced tutor. She really supported me all the way as a friend before being a tutor. I took 6 classes with her and I finally got 26. Thank you, Jamie

Ramy Anwar

Ramy Anwar had to take the TOEFL in order to complete his pharmacy certificate in the US. Before Ramy signed up for TOEFL Speaking Classes, he had taken the TOEFL 6 times. After taking just 6 private classes with TOEFL Speaking tutor Jamie Tanzman, Ramy finally got his goal score!

Please see below Ramy’s feedback:

  • What was your past TOEFL experience?

I took the exam 6 times and I was stuck in the speaking section as I got 24 but I need 26.


  • What were the classes at TST like?
The classes were like evaluating responses, correcting mistakes, and discussing ideas that would be beneficial for achieving the goal.
  • How did your teacher help you get your score?
 I worked with Jamie Tanzman and she was super supportive and helpful as she was a friend before being a tutor.

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