“Paul helped me improve my ability to think and focus on an unfamiliar topic in a limited time.
I would definitely recommend his course to anyone who wants to get 26 in TOEFL speaking.”


Sarah needed 26 on TOEFL Speaking to begin her work as a pharmacist in California.

Like many other students, Sarah was extremely worried about getting 26.

Unlike other students, she had never taken the TOEFL before and did not know what to expect.

Sarah first met with Paul, our head instructor, for a 30-minute TOEFL Speaking Evaluation.

Paul recommended Sarah register for TOEFL Speaking Group Lessons, and since Sarah knew Paul had helped 40+ students earn 26+ on TOEFL Speaking, Sarah trusted Paul with this decision.

After finishing the TOEFL Speaking Group Lessons, Sarah registered to take the TOEFL.

On her very first try, Sarah earned 26 on TOEFL Speaking!

When we asked Sarah to share her story with other people, here is what she wrote:

“TOEFL, 1st time: Speaking, 26
At first, I wasn’t sure how online lessons would work, but when I contacted Paul telling him I don’t want to waste my time, and I need help with the speaking section, he immediately suggested me to join his class.


And I’m so happy that I did.
We started our lessons, and I was amazed by what a great, thorough, patient, and encouraging teacher he is and how good his methods are.
My performance increased dramatically by the end of this course.”


Congratulations on getting 26 in TOEFL Speaking, Sarah!

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