TOEFL apps can really help you improve your TOEFL score.

In this article, I’m going to share the best free TOEFL apps.

Download these apps. Get the score you want. You deserve it.



Best Overall

The overall best free app to download is Magoosh Free TOEFL App. They actually have two apps.

And here is a quick review:

  • Excellent lesson introductions for the entire TOEFL test
  • Overview of the TOEFL
  • Format of the TOEFL
  • Introductions
  • Includes reading
  • Includes the listening section. Here’s How To Improve TOEFL Listening.
  • Speaking section included
  • Tips on how to study for the TOEFL
  • Can access videos for specific details about a section
  • Many of the videos are only for the paid version
  • Some things within the app you have to pay for



For vocabulary, I recommend two apps.

The first one is the Magoosh App For TOEFL Vocabulary.

Here are some of the pros:

  1. 204 words (51 are easy, 51 are moderate, 51 are hard and 51 are really hard)
  2. Simple layout
  3. Extremely easy to use

The second one I really like for vocabulary is the TOEFL IBT Preparation. Here’s why it’s so good:

  1. Includes one thousand words
  2. Exercises include essential words, multiple choice tests, and word choice tests
  3. You can break each of words down into separate categories (astronomy, biology, etc)
  4. Great for building your vocabulary
  5. Helps to develop reading comprehension


“There are great speaking materials and the most important thing is that his materials are genuine and truly correspond to the actual test.

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-Homeira A.

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“I practiced for about 2 months on a daily basis including Paul’s lessons before finally I took the test and got 26 in speaking and now I can move on with my teaching career!

Definitely, Paul knows what he is doing and how to help people to get 26+ in speaking.”


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“To be honest, Paul did not do anything magical, but helped me identified my weaknesses and offered effective methods and resources to overcome those limitations, and the end result was nothing sort of magic as I hit 27 on my very first attempt after patiently working with him for 3 months.”

-Hiren P.

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Speaking Section

There is one really good free app for the speaking section and that’s called the Magoosh TOEFL Speaking & English Learning.

This app is extremely organized and very easy to use.

It has a very simple layout and there are 3 modes; there’s test mode, practice mode, and review mode.

Here is a brief description of each mode:

  • Test mode
    • It leads you to an entire TOEFL speaking test
    • You can’t hop from question to question
    • There are 10 tests total on the app
  • Practice mode
    • You can skip around in the test
    • You can start with question 1 and skip to question 3 or to question 5
    • There are 10 tests
  • Review mode
    • Review the previous answers you’ve given in test and practice modes
    • Evaluate and analyze how you need to improve your responses going forward

Want more helpful resources for TOEFL Speaking?

Get them here. And here.



For grammar, I recommend the TOEFL Grammar Test Pro.

Here are the pros.

  1. Simple layout
  2. Great for getting extra practice to develop your TOEFL grammar
  3. Focus in on grammar weak points


These are the best apps out there to study for your TOEFL Test.

Good luck with your study!


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