In my six guides to mastering the TOEFL Speaking section, I offer timing recommendations for each question.

But I thought it might be a really good idea to have ALL the timing recommendations in one, easily accessible and understandable resource.

So here are all the timing recommendations for Questions 3 through 6

Question 3:

  • Give intro sentence referring to the announcement: 15 seconds maximum to explain announcement
  • Talk about speaker reasons: 35-40 seconds
  • Optional conclusion: 7-15 seconds

Question 4:

  • 8-15 seconds: Describing new concept and giving the definition
  • Transition to lecture: 5 seconds
  • First thing from Professor’s lecture – 15 -20 seconds
  • Second thing from Professor’s lecture – 15 -20 seconds

Question 5:

  • First 10 seconds: Discuss the problem
  • Second 20 seconds: What are the two solutions
  • At about 30 seconds, change to talk about your opinion

Question 6:

  • Introduce concept and definition (must come from lecture): 15-20 seconds
  • Explain first thing: 20 seconds
  • Explain second thing: 20 seconds

(REMEMBER: Focus on certain parts of your notes – be sure to look at the prompt before you answer)

For more help on questions 1 through 6, be sure to refer to my MASTER Guides.

Here they are:


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