Premium Resources at TOEFL Speaking Teacher

At TOEFL Speaking Teacher we help you get a high score on TOEFL Speaking with our premium resources

So far, we have helped over 100 students earn 26+ on TOEFL Speaking

TOEFL Speaking 26+ Group Lessons

  • Enroll in TOEFL Speaking 26+ Group Lessons
  • Paul, the head instructor at TOEFL Speaking Teacher, teaches all group lessons
  • Meet 2x per week for 4 weeks
  • Best option for students who are on a budget but still want to get customized feedback and help from Paul

Feedback on Your TOEFL Speaking Responses

The TOEFL Speaking Evaluation is a 1-on-1 Meeting for 30 minutes with Paul, at the end of which he will tell you your exact strengths & weaknesses and what you should do to earn 26 or higher on TOEFL Speaking.

TOEFL Speaking Private Lessons

  • Work 1-on-1 with one of our TOEFL Speaking Instructors
  • Lessons starts at 50 USD per hour
  • Every instructor has years of experience helping students get high scores on TOEFL Speaking
  • All classes done through Skype

Self-Study Course for 26+ on TOEFL Speaking

You can get access to our self-study course ‘How to Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking’ – This is perfect for the student who is on a tight budget but still wants to study the correct materials for earning 26+ on TOEFL Speaking