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So, you want to get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking!

Whether you have taken TOEFL 10 times or 0 times, you want to earn 26 on TOEFL Speaking without wasting money on…

  • TOEFL test fees (almost 200 USD every time you take TOEFL)
  • Techniques and strategies that do not work for 26 on TOEFL Speaking (like Notefull)
  • Private or group lessons that do not help you achieve your goal

 Why do so many students waste hundreds – sometimes THOUSANDS – of dollars trying to get 26 on TOEFL Speaking? Because…

Getting 26 on TOEFL Speaking Is Hard!

Yes, getting 26 on TOEFL Speaking is very hard.

That’s why earning 26 on TOEFL Speaking requires experienced teachers who have experience helping pharmacists, nurses, teachers, physical therapists, and graduate students earn 26+ on TOEFL Speaking. 

Yes, there are other instructors who can help you earn high scores for the reading, writing, and listening sections. 

But earning 26+ on TOEFL Speaking requires qualified and experienced instructors who have helped many other students earn 26 on TOEFL Speaking. Which is why…

TST Is Offering TOEFL Speaking Group Lessons

Through group lessons, private lessons, and self-study courses, the TOEFL Speaking Teacher school has helped hundreds of students earn 26 or higher on TOEFL Speaking. 

Now we will help you.

Details You Need to Know About TOEFL Speaking Group Classes

Group classes meet 2 times per week for 4 weeks – At the end of Group Classes, you will know what is required to earn 26 on TOEFL Speaking (this is guaranteed!)

Each Group Class is 1 hour in length – and will meet on Wednesday and Sunday (the exact time will be determined after registration is complete)

In Group Classes, you will learn the 5 skills you NEED to master to earn 26+ on TOEFL Speaking (PLUS 1 BONUS skill that affects everything you do)

When You Register for TOEFL Speaking Group Classes, You Get

Free access to the ‘Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking’ course ($147 value)

2 Response Analyses – 1 before classes begin and 1 after classes end

Access to our premium online community, where you can speak to other TOEFL students who have already earned 26 on TOEFL Speaking

TOEFL Speaking 26+ Group Classes Success Stories

Before you make a decision, read the stories of our former students who earned 26 on TOEFL Speaking after registering for TOEFL Group Classes:

That was amazing experienced for me to take group classes with u because they were affordable and they helped me get 26 on TOEFL Speaking!

The best thing in group was got your comments on our spontaneous responses… it helped a lot and also practicing with other student also gave us good idea to improve our responses.

Overall thats was my good experience … and also your group classes is much affordable for us.

Thanks a lot!


Foreign Pharmacist Graduate

First of all thank you very much for doing this class because I notice great progress in myself.

I liked the way you were conducting the classes. You speak clearly. I could understand everything very well.

I am glad I decided to take this class, I think it helped me a lot.

Probably some people need more individual work with a teacher like you, but I figured out my weaknesses and know for sure what I need to do in order to get 26+ in Speaking TOEFL after taking this class.


Texas Teacher from Ukraine

At first, I wasn’t sure how online lessons would work, but when I contacted Paul telling him I don’t want to waste my time, and I need help with the speaking section, he immediately suggested me to join his TOEFL Speaking class.. And I’m so happy that I did.
My performance increased dramatically by the end of the TOEFL Speaking Group Classes.

I would definitely recommend the TOEFL Speaking Group lessons to anyone who wants to get 26 in TOEFL speaking.

Sarah A

Pharmacist from Iraq - Lives in Washington

Are You Ready To Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking?

Last Question: How Much Do Group Lessons Cost?

When you register for TOEFL Speaking Group Lessons, you get: 

  • 8 hours of lessons with Jamie or Katie – Normally, students pay $480 (8 hours @ 60 USD per hour) for private lessons
  • Access to the ‘Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking’ course – $147 USD
  • Two TOEFL Speaking Response Analyses – $54 USD

This is Worth a Total Value of $681

But Group Lessons will not cost that much.

In fact, we won’t charge you half the amount (500 USD).

Because so many students struggle to get 26 on TOEFL Speaking, I want to make this offer available to everyone.

So, I convinced my team to lower the price to just…


UPDATE: Classes are now only $247!


This price is more than 60% off the total value!

Remember: Every time you register for TOEFL, you pay around 200 USD

What’s better?

  • To invest money in professional help and guidance to earn 26 on TOEFL Speaking? (the smart approach!)
  • Or to continue wasting money on test fees – without knowing if you can actually earn 26 on TOEFL Speaking

The decision is yours. But we have limited slots available each month…  

And once the spots are gone, well, they’re gone.

Register Now for Group Lessons!

Imagine Yourself 1 Month From Today

In 1 month, you will be in 1 of 2 positions: 

Position #1: You are still struggling to improve your TOEFL Speaking score. You still do not feel confident in your TOEFL Speaking ability. You are worried about wasting another 200 USD on registering for the TOEFL – because you do not know if this money will be wasted. You still feel hopeless and lost. 

 Position #2: You now know EXACTLY what you must do to get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking.  

You have significantly improved all of your TOEFL Speaking skills. Now, you feel super confident in your ability to earn 26 on TOFEL Speaking.

You have already registered for another TOEFL test – because you know this will not be money wasted on trying to ‘get lucky’. Instead, you have done all the necessary preparation.  

What position will you be in 1 month from today? The decision is yours.

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