For students who are preparing for TOEFL Speaking on their own, it is very important to set up an effective study schedule to make sure you reach 26.

When creating your own study schedule pay attention to two things:

  1. The topics you plan to study
  2. How consistent you are studying


Point #1: Topics You Plan to Study


If you have taken TOEFL multiple times and you still are not earning the score you need (26+ on speaking) then you need to change your study habits.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

This quote applies to your studying habits for TOEFL Speaking.

If you want to get a higher score you MUST change your study habits.

So what should you study?

Well I offer a customized approach for serious students (and ONLY serious students).

If you want to discover the exact skills you need to improve (and what is preventing you from getting a higher score), then I recommend signing up for a 30-minute 1-on-1 TOEFL Speaking Evaluation.

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Point #2: Consistency is Important!


Many students want to get a higher score on TOEFL Speaking but do not do the #1 thing for higher scores: consistent studying!

If you want to get 26+ you MUST study TOEFL Speaking consistently.

I recorded a video to tell you EXACTLY how to study for TOEFL Speaking every day.

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Study for TOEFL Every Day


Now you understand two critical points to setting up an effective study schedule.

Let’s break this process down even more.

For students who are getting 22, 23, and 24 on TOEFL Speaking, I recommend a general rule for increasing your TOEFL Speaking score:

Focus on improving ONE thing at a time and study for at least 1-1.5 hours each day

So, if you are getting 23 on TOEFL Speaking, and accent is the number 1 reason why you are NOT getting 26, then focus 90% of your effort on improving your accent.

REMEMBER: If you want your studying to be effective, you must do two things:

  1. Study the RIGHT things (back to Point #1)
  2. Study consistently (back to point #2)

Let’s say you need to increase by 3 points. And let’s say you have enough time to speak English over the next eight weeks for 40 hours.

Then, you need to understand how often you should speak English each day.


 Weekly Study Schedule


Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday –

Sunday –


Stay Accountable


To study consistently, you must keep yourself accountable.

There are a number of ways to do this:

#1: Use Gmail’s calendar function to set a reminder for every day

#2: Use a paper calendar and put it on your fridge, bathroom door, or bathroom mirror. Every day you study put a BIG red X through the day. Jerry Seinfeld used this approach to become a world-class comedian.

#3: Join our Facebook Group TOEFL Speaking 26. In this Facebook group, you will find other students who are also preparing for TOEFL Speaking. Connect with them and keep each other accountable!


Daily TOEFL Study Plan


1. (5-10 minutes) Review from yesterday’s study session. If your number one weakness is accent reduction, then focus your review on either pronunciation or intonation. You might also review spoken grammar, informal words/phrases, study strategies, TED talks, etc.

2. (15-20 minutes) Study new material based on the skill set you are focused on. In most private lessons, I walk students through the process of improving seven different skill sets. Most students struggle with accent reduction and grammar. Pick one skill set at a time and focus on improving it.

4. (20-30 minutes) Practice the new material.


Simulate Exam Conditions


After about 1 week of controlled conditions, you should test yourself in conditions that are similar to the TOEFL  exam.

This means you need to do three things:

1. Carefully monitor your time

2. Eliminate all distractions

3. Go to a public place (like a loud cafe or bar) and practice an entire TOEFL Speaking exam.


What can you do RIGHT NOW to study for TOEFL Speaking? How will you change?

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