” After several attempts, I took lessons with Paul Austin. His feedback was really great, where I was lacking and in which areas I was doing good. I believe that is it important that everyone can then work on their weak areas. I am really thankful to him. “


Triola was a part of our 7th round of TOEFL Speaking Group Lessons.
First, she attended our live Webinar as her goal was to get 26 on TOEFL Speaking.
She needed this score because of the requirement of National Board of Pharmacy.
Triola was struggling for 3 years to get individual scores that FPGEE requires. She struggled a lot with speaking.
Then she decided to sign up for TOEFL Speaking Group lessons.
The feedback she got from Paul was really helpful. She focused on improving her fluency and tried her best.
Finally, she took the test, and for the first time, she got all the required scores. Here is the message we got:

She also shared her experience in a Facebook group:

Well done, Triola! Congratulations on getting all the required scores for Pharmacy license including 26 on speaking!

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