Vivelle Yearwood

Would you like to take TOEFL Private lessons with Vivelle?

If you book 6 private lessons, the cost is 60 USD per hour. However, if you purchase a package of 10 lessons, the cost is 55 USD per hour, and if you purchase a package of 14 lessons, the cost is 50 USD per hour.

You can purchase lessons with Vivelle by clicking the link below:

TOEFL Speaking Private Lessons


Vivelle has taught both conversation and TOEFL preparation lessons in her 3 years of teaching English.

She also has experience in language assessment and creating study plans for students to quickly improve their speaking skills.

Finally, Vivelle has specific experience helping non-native health professionals (like pharmacists, nurses, physical therapists, and doctors) prepare presentations for high-stress situations – similar to the TOEFL Speaking environment.

Vivelle, like our other teachers, has completed the ‘How to Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking’ teacher training.

She is excited to help you reach your 26+ goal on TOEFL Speaking – and can’t wait to guide you in the process!

Client Testimonials for Vivelle

I am a dental student and needed 26 on Toefl speaking to get admission in a US dental school. I had only 1 week for preparation and Vivelle helped me to get 26 just through 6 classes. I would definitely recommend Vivelle to get 26 or more on speaking.

Jay Patel

March 2019

I am a pharmacist and I needed 26+ to pass the speaking section. My scores were 24 and 25, I took private lessons with Vivelle and I got 27. She helped me to improve my points of weakness like intonation, pronunciation and making a connection between the reading and the conversation. I will recommend private lessons to everybody who wants to get 26+. Ala Mohamedelhassan, Pharmacist

April, 2017

Vivelle Sensei is a great teacher to me. She taught me a lot about daily conversation, grammar and presentation techniques. I think her passion is wonderful. I want to take her lessons again! Toshihiko Tominaga

Dentist and Medical Researcher

After my nursing school in Mexico, I was required to comply with specific English scores in order to be licensed in The United States. After some sessions, I was able to increase my speaking score from 24 to 28. You also have to invest at least a couple of hours of practice at home. Definitely, Vivelle helped me a lot with her advice and teaching methods. Thanks so much, TOEFL advisors! Manuel Guerrero, nurse from Mexico

June 2017

Hi Vivelle, I got 27 in speaking. Thank you for all your help.
Kauser Kapadia, physical therapist

November 2016

It was nice to take Vivelle’s lessons. When I started I was a little afraid of talking in English but she was so kind to me and I started to talk more and felt no fear when talking in English. Even when I lost my confidence, her smiles and kindness helped me to keep my chin up. Hana Nakataki

University Student from Japan

I got my goal score in speaking. woohoo! I just want to say thank you for the guidance it was a big help. Ira Hugo, physical therapist

July 2017

Vivellle!!! Good news!!!!! We did it!!!!! I got a 26!
I am soooo happy!!!! Thank you very much for everything!!!!! You believed in me and we did it! I had no doubt you were the one! You are an amazing teacher! I hope everything goes fine with you! You deserve it!!
Thank you for everything you have done!
Cristina Sánchez

July 2017